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Social Media Advertising

Make the most of the opportunities, avoid the pitfalls

Business people tend to underestimate the importance of social media. It allows interaction between companies and their current and potential customers. The benefits of social media include the ability to create focused branding and engage with a global audience. Social media also allows you to interact with your customers promptly and publicly, thereby improving customer satisfaction and your reputation.

Optillion’s social media services

Social media needs to be judiciously managed to ensure that it promotes your business effectively. Social media has in some ways taken away your control over the online reputation of your business; negative reviews or a poorly presented social media presence could risk harming your sales.

To prevent this, and make the most of the opportunities offered by social media, Optillion offers social media set-up, training and advisory services. Optillion will provide you with guidance on how to effectively create and maintain a positive social media presence.

Social media set-up

Optillion offers practical support to help you to set-up appropriate social media channels and social network pages. The different forms of social media available today not only have different features but also different audiences. This means that your business is likely to have more success when effort is focused on the most relevant channels for your target market.

After an assessment of the social media channels which are likely to be the most productive for your business, we set up these accounts for you. Optillion’s copywriters can also produce the initial posts for these channels, establishing your brand in the social media marketplace and providing a firm foundation for your staff.

Social media training

In addition to setting up social media, Optillion offers training in the effective use of the popular channels. As social media sites continue to grow, they also become more complex, adding new features for users and businesses.

Combining social media experience and wider digital marketing knowledge, Optillion can give you easy to follow step-by-step training in the successful use of social media. With our help, social media can become an asset to your business, rather than a potential liability.

Social media advertising

Optillion understands the importance of the differences between social media channels.

Social media advertising


Because of its enormous popularity, Facebook ads can be very effective. Facebook offers the ability to implement detailed demographic and geographic targeting, ensuring your social media budget is well-spent and reaches the right customers. Facebook is ideal for Business to Consumer (B2C) advertising, especially if you are concentrating on a target demographic aged 30-50, Facebook’s largest group of users. The challenge with Facebook advertising is preventing your content from appearing stale. At Optillion, we understand the importance of rotating ads to keep customers’ interest, ensuring your message is fresh and focused.


Promoted Tweets have great marketing potential, especially if you’re aiming at a slightly younger demographic, but it can be difficult to get it right. Twitter users tend to be younger than Facebook users, so it’s ideal for targeting the 25-35 age group. Because Tweets are limited-character messages, which can include images or other media, Twitter is best used for building and maintaining your brand, rather than directly generating sales.


LinkedIn offers great opportunities for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) sales because of its professional focus. It allows you to target your adverts by sector and job title, ensuring that you reach the right audience. To get the most out of LinkedIn advertising, it is important to build a strong corporate LinkedIn presence first, to avoid making a poor impression on users. Optillion can advise you about how to make the most of LinkedIn as a social network and an advertising platform.

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