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SEO Consultancy

Ongoing expert advice while you retain control

Why Choose Optillion?

  • Over a decade of SEO experience
  • Experience across a range of industries - B2B, B2C and B2G
  • Consultancy tailored to meet your businesses' needs
  • Mix training, consultancy and SEO services as required
  • No minimum monthly fees

Optillion’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy service can help you with all aspects of an SEO campaign. Optillion can provide clients with any combination of the following:

  • an assessment of your website’s state of optimisation
  • a report on your initial SEO requirements
  • advisory services on a one off or ongoing basis
  • performance monitoring
  • content copywriting and editing
  • keyphrase research and selection

As SEO consultants we offer tailored services to improve your or your client’s website’s performance.

For individual companies, we can provide advice and support either to your in-house web developer or your agency. Our consultancy services are also available for agencies who wish to provide SEO for their clients.

SEO consultancy enables you to set up and manage a comprehensive SEO campaign, while retaining control of your website. This service offers ongoing support while giving you choice and flexibility.

Areas we frequently focus on during the consultancy process include:

  • Optimisation assessment
    This evaluation will take into account your website’s current state of optimisation and its performance in terms of traffic and search engine rankings. Even if a client has already identified some areas for improvement, Optillion’s assessment will ensure that all potential barriers to effective optimisation are identified.
  • Developing your SEO plan
    The results of the optimisation assessment form the basis of your SEO plan. We can assist you with the creation of a plan to be implemented by your staff; this can include timeframes, key performance indicators (KPIs) and resource requirements.
  • Implementation
    Flexibility is key to this stage of the consultancy process. Management of certain aspects of the SEO programme can be undertaken by either Optillion or your own staff, giving you the degree of control you desire.
  • Training
    Optillion’s Training service enables your staff to carry out elements of the implementation in house.
  • Monitoring and reporting
    Regular performance monitoring is essential for your website to maintain its high performance in search engine rankings. Optillion’s SEO monitoring service includes regular reports, usually monthly, on the progress of the SEO implementation. This will also include updates on current rankings and levels of website traffic. This comprehensive monitoring is especially important where your staff implement the plan in-house, because it ensures that the plan is followed and goals met.

We can adjust our services as your needs change.

Is SEO consultancy for you?

Optillion’s SEO consultancy offers flexibility, allowing you to continue to work with your current web developers but also benefit from expert SEO advice when you need it.

However, if you require a fully-managed SEO service including optimisation and implementation, Optillion’s SEO campaign management service may be more suitable.

Whatever your SEO needs, find out more about how Optillion can help you fulfil them by calling today on .