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Keyphrase Analysis

Targeted keywords are essential for strong search engine performance

Choosing the right keywords is fundamental to effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Ensuring that your site ranks highly for the most appropriate and relevant keywords is the first step in any SEO campaign. This is because incorporating targeted keywords into your anchor text, page titles and site content is essential to ensure strong search engine performance.

However, choosing the right keywords for an SEO campaign can be challenging and many website owners struggle to select the keywords that will give them the best results. It is difficult to strike a balance between choosing keywords that are precise enough to attract your chosen target market but also broad enough to reach a large audience.

How can Optillion help you with keyphrase analysis?

Having your keyword research carried out by a third party ensures an objective and analytical approach. Well-chosen keyphrases will improve both the quality and the volume of your website traffic.

Optillion’s SEO specialists are able to bring objectivity and expertise to keyphrase analysis, taking into account the three key factors which impact upon the performance of any keyphrase:

  • Relevance
    Keyphrases must be relevant to your business, service or product and have the potential for high conversion rates.
  • Competition
    Assessing the level of completion to determine whether worthwhile rankings can be achieved.
  • Traffic
    The volume of search engine traffic must be considered in order to identify the keyphrases which generate a viable number of searches.

Assessing your keyphrases against these criteria gives your SEO campaign the best chance of success.

Criteria for analysing SEO keyphrases

We recognise that keyphrases change over time: seasonal factors may affect keyphrases, or the market may change rapidly and new keyphrases appear. By monitoring your keyphrases, Optillion can ensure that they stay relevant to your business and the market.

How does keyphrase analysis work?

Keyphrase research is a complex process. The stages we follow are:

  1. Drawing up a list of seed keyphrases. Initially, these will be based on your existing keyphrases and the content of your website.
  2. We will consult with you to compile a list of potential keyphrases, based on your experience of the market.
  3. We will then ask you to identify competitors so that we can examine their websites.
  4. These four sources of keywords will be combined to produce a master keyphrase list.
  5. We will use industry tools to test traffic levels associated with each of the keyphrases.
  6. Based on the overall traffic levels, we will determine a cut-off point, below which keyphrases will not be considered.
  7. Using our experience and judgement we will determine the relevance and likely conversion rates of all of the remaining keyphrases.
  8. We will then meet with you to discuss the proposed target keyphrases and the data that was used to make this selection.
  9. We will undertake additional research if the client feels that there are further avenues to explore.

Keyphrase analysis lays the foundations of any successful SEO campaign.