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Google Search Console

Optillion can set up Google Search Console for you

Google Search Console is a free site monitoring service, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. It acts as a health check on your website and allows you to check how Google sees your site, and how it performs in Google search results.

Search Console can alert you by email if you face security issues such as hacking, or highlight problems including broken site links. It enables you to intervene early if problems do arise with your site.

You can also use Search Console to monitor your performance, rankings, site speed and more. Search Console is particularly useful if you have non-geographically targeted domain names, because it allows you to adjust the areas that you are targeting.

What can Search Console help you to track?

  • Structured data, including a testing tool
  • HTML improvements - the adequacy of your page titles and meta descriptions
  • Search Analytics - data on impressions and clicks for organic traffic
  • You can segment data by device type, country and search type
  • Links, both in-bound and internal
  • Site speed and mobile usability
  • Indexing and robots.txt file testing
  • Crawl status, stats and errors
  • How URL parameters are treated by Google

Search Console set up

Optillion can set up Google Search Console for clients. There are four ways to do this:

  • Use wider delegated authority from Analytics - this is the easiest approach
  • Metatag on the site’s homepage
  • Uploading a file with a specific name to the site root
  • Changing the cName record on your domain

Webmaster Tools for Bing

Bing has a Webmaster Tools facility which mimics Google’s search console. This is vital if you need to implement geographical targeting, but it also provides useful information for any website owner.

If you need help with setting up Search Console, Optillion offers this alongside our Analytics set up service. Call us today on .