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AdWords Set Up

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Why Choose Optillion?

  • Over a decade of experience setting up AdWords accounts
  • Specialists in Shopping, Search and Mobile Ads
  • All AdWords account set-up carried out in-house
  • In-depth keyword research to identify the right keywords and matching options
  • Specialist copywriters to compose your ads
  • Voucher towards your advertising costs in the first two months
  • Fees based on the size and complexity of the account


Optillion’s AdWords Set Up services take care of all aspects of your advertising campaign. You’ll be able to have an expertly managed AdWords campaign up and running within a few days.

Our AdWords campaign services bring together three elements which are essential for initiating a successful campaign, the initial assessment, in-depth keyword research and the creation of quality adverts.

The initial assessment

Optillion’s initial assessment aims to identify whether an AdWords campaign will meet the financial criteria you set. While PPC advertising can promote any type of online business, its effectiveness depends on the underlying economics of the business and the competitiveness of the marketplace in which it operates.

Pre-campaign assessment of an eCommerce site would include:

  • Anticipated conversion rates
  • Expected order size and composition
  • Order fulfilment costs
  • Product mix
  • Margins on individual product lines
  • Customer retention
  • Market competition

A typical AdWords assessment will indicate:

  • Whether PPC advertising is appropriate for promoting your website’s goods or services
  • Whether implementation of a PPC campaign requires changes to your website or underlying business model
  • Which products or services offer the best potential return from PPC advertising
  • Whether other digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation should accompany the PPC campaign

Creating quality adverts

A successful AdWords campaign requires clear and compelling text adverts. Ad copy should take into account:

  • The product or service being advertised
  • The keywords with which it will be associated
  • The web page to which it will link

Text adverts have only a limited number of characters and it is important that the product or service is clearly identified so there can be no confusion. Every click on a PPC advert costs money, so each advert has to be written so that it clearly describes the product and appeals to an appropriate audience.

Poorly focused copywriting and keyword selection generates low quality, irrelevant traffic which is unlikely to convert to sales. Optillion’s copywriters create adverts which are clear and compelling, so that you attract high quality traffic to your website.

In-depth keyword research

PPC adverts are shown when they are triggered by keywords which match users’ search queries. These keywords are associated with individual adverts or groups of adverts. To attract high quality traffic to your website, it is important to choose the most appropriate keywords and matching options.

AdWords campaigns managed by Optillion use highly targeted keywords to achieve low cost-per-click (CPC) and a high conversion rate. Click through rates for individual PPC ads are monitored closely and underperforming ads are either rewritten or dropped, ensuring that your campaign achieves the best possible performance.

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