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AdWords Management

AdWords campaigns require nurturing in order to grow

Why Choose Optillion?

  • Over a decade of AdWords management experience
  • Specialists in Shopping, Search and Mobile Ads
  • Data driven approach to optimising performance
  • Proven track-record across a range of sectors
  • All AdWords management is carried out in-house
  • Fees based on the complexity of the account, not spend


Optillion offers a cost effective service for managing your AdWords account and optimising its performance. Our expertise and systematic approach ensures your AdWords campaigns reach their full potential.

Google AdWords offers more management tools than other platforms. Combining AdWords with the powerful monitoring and tracking features of Google Analytics allows us to further improve your campaign.

Rigorous keyword selection

If you are new to advertising using AdWords, we will undertake the keyword selection process as part of your AdWords set up. If you are an existing advertiser, we will evaluate and adjust your existing keywords and matching types based on their performance, in order to optimise your campaign.

Responsive campaign monitoring

Performance monitoring requires statistical data in order to be useful, so campaigns have to run largely unchanged for a sufficient length of time before major alterations can be made. After this time, Optillion’s campaign monitoring identifies poorly performing keywords or adverts and revises them in order to ensure the campaign operates efficiently.

AdWords campaigns require ongoing monitoring in order to maintain and improve performance.

Effective management

Successful AdWords campaign management calls for a proactive approach. For a new campaign, monitoring should to be particularly intensive during the first few weeks.

Over the past decade, Optillion has developed an extremely effective PPC management strategy which utilises tried and tested techniques in conjunction with sound analytical principles.

For AdWords management which achieves results and maximises your returns, call Optillion today on .