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Bing Ads Management and Set Up

We can set up and manage your Bing Ads to optimise performance


Optillion offers expert set up and management services for Bing Ads, which means that your campaign can be set up quickly, and run effectively.

Optillion ensures that advertising campaigns achieve their full potential and bring the best possible return on investment (ROI). We do this by taking a systematic approach to keyword selection, performance monitoring and campaign management.

We can quickly and affordably set up your Bing Ads from the content of your Google AdWords campaigns.

Initial assessment

Before setting up a Bing Ads campaign, Optillion will assess its potential return on advertising spend. The effectiveness of Bing Ads depends on many factors, including the nature of your business and the competitiveness of the market you operate in. Bing Ads can be easily set up from an existing Google AdWords campaign and used alongside it to extend your reach.

While your Bing Ads campaign can mirror your AdWords, we advise making changes to reflect the differences between the platforms and their audiences.
When creating a campaign, our process involves writing effective ads, choosing and modifying the keywords, and ensuring all the account settings are appropriate.

Writing effective ads

Optillion’s copywriters will ensure that your adverts are clear, concise and compelling, to appeal to your target audience. Equally importantly, we ensure that your adverts do not attract costly unwanted clicks. This will ensure that you attract high quality website traffic.

Rigorous keyword selection

Bing Ads are shown when they are triggered by keywords in search queries. Careful choice of keywords and match types is important because they help to determine the cost-per-click (CPC) of adverts. We use well-targeted keywords to achieve low CPCs and high conversion rates.

Responsive campaign monitoring

In the initial stages of a PPC campaign it needs to be monitored carefully to ensure the best possible performance. Keywords or adverts may need to be fine-tuned, and our statistical analysis allows us to identify the best course of action. We can remove and replace keywords or adverts that are poor performers, helping your campaign to achieve its potential.

Effective management

Optillion takes a pro-active approach to managing Bing Ads campaigns. We monitor your campaigns and ensure that they are as profitable as they can be.

To initiate or optimise the performance of your Bing advertising campaigns, call Optillion today on .