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Google Analytics is the industry standard for measuring traffic to your website. Analytics was developed by Google from an earlier tool called Urchin Stats. It allows you to see the details of visitors to your website, how they use it, and ultimately which website goal conversions they perform. Analytics is a powerful tool that is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Example Analytics Data

Examples of data from Google Analytics

What can Google Analytics show you?

Analytics can give you information about visitors to your website, both new and returning, including:

  • Where they come from geographically
  • The type of interactions which brought them to your website
  • Demographic information including age range, gender and interests
  • What sort of device they are using

Using Analytics, you can analyse the behaviour of visitors to your website, such as:

  • Which pages they look at, and for how long
  • How they progress through your website and which links they click
  • What touch-points they found of interest
  • Which website goal conversions your visitors perform

Analytics also gives you important insights into your marketing, telling you:

  • Which marketing channel brings the most visitors to your website
  • Which channel generates the most conversions

Advantages of Google Analytics

One major advantage of Analytics is its close relationship with AdWords. Analytics is essential for feeding website goal conversion data back into Adwords, allowing you to see which campaigns, keywords and adverts are most successful in converting your visitors into customers.

Analytics is the best tool for measuring the effectiveness of individual advertising campaigns, based on positive outcomes from the website, such as conversions and interactions with your website (video views, newsletter sign ups, PDF downloads, contact forms sent etc.).

Because of this, Google is able to invest heavily in the development of Analytics. Google is developing:

  • Ways of tracking individual users across numerous sessions across various devices
  • The ability to track visitors who have clicked local advertisements then entered the ‘real world’ store
  • Comprehensive ecommerce tracking, which includes tracking when items are added or deleted from shopping baskets

But the most useful feature of Analytics is its application as a comprehensive marketing tool, giving a website owner the data they need to make informed decisions in order to improve business performance.

Optillion can help you to incorporate Analytics from the beginning of the planning progress. We will  feed in your business objectives, decide how best to implement the tracking, focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that mean most to your business, and then use Analytics to measure whether you are meeting your objectives.

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