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As Google Analytics becomes increasingly sophisticated, many website owners find that they require training to make the most of its potential.

Analytics has developed over the past decade, providing more information to website owners and giving a clearer and more accurate view of their website. The downside of this is the increased complexity of the system including:

  • Increasing numbers of settings to understand and use
  • Filters to apply to remove non-target traffic
  • Decisions to be made about which goals and events to track
  • A bewildering array of key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage
  • Increasing involvement of the web developer (whether they are in-house or external)

To help you to get the most out of this increasingly complex tool, Optillion offers Analytics training courses at three levels. You can choose the course which most suits your needs. While the courses make a natural progression from beginner to advanced, people with existing Analytics experience can start at an appropriate level.

Training Courses

1 Day Analytics Courses
Introduction to Analytics Course
Intermediate Analytics Course
Advanced Analytics Course

Introductory Analytics Course

This entry-level course gives you a general introduction to Google Analytics, including looking at the interface, dashboard and basic settings. We look at which set-up screens are typically more important, and show you how to set up filters, funnels and goals to measure your all-important conversion rates.

To get you on the right track for successful marketing, we look at the ways in which we can attract searchers to your website, who may not be familiar with your company. Even more importantly, we consider how to guide them through your website to reach a goal which is beneficial to your company e.g. an interaction with the website or making a conversion.

Intermediate Analytics Course

Moving on from the basic set-up, the intermediate course drills down into the Analytics metrics to provide your business with the necessary information to make informed decisions about how to enhance performance. We define the most beneficial marketing channels for your business, gain an understanding of who your ideal customers are and how best to increase their numbers.

We take a look at the most important standard reports, how to use the metrics contained in them to identify issues with your website, and how to correct them. We also build custom dashboards and, keeping in mind that Analytics is a collaborative tool, we look at how to download, email and share your important data.

Advanced Analytics Course

The advanced course is an introduction to the cutting edge of digital analytics. With a much wider range of devices used online, potential customers can interact with your website not only through laptops and PCs, but also smartphones, tablets, televisions, games consoles and POS tills. Your potential customer's online lives include not only web pages and email accounts, but also blogs, social media sites, smartphone apps, eBay and more. This is why digital analytics is so important.

The advanced course teaches you how to weave these multiple marketing channels into a cohesive online marketing plan. This should reflect your business’s overall objectives, goals and KPIs, and take into account any technical issues with the website or its hosting. Based on the marketing plan, you will create an implementation plan for your Analytics.

Where are the Analytics courses held?

We can deliver these courses in-house at your premises, at Optillion’s premises in Ruddington or, more usually, in groups of up to six delegates at our partner training centre in central Nottingham: Web Studio Training, Cumberland House, 35 Park Row, Nottingham, NG1 6EE.

See the extensive list of courses at Web Studio Training for more information on our Analytics courses.

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