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Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping works particularly well for own brand products


Bing Shopping is an advertising system which allows customers to view a product’s details. It differs from Google Shopping in several ways. Most importantly, products aren’t grouped together but displayed individually alongside the search results. Unlike Google Shopping, which features a price comparison tool, Bing Shopping Ads link directly to the advertiser’s website.

Bing Shopping allows you to import your shopping campaign from AdWords, or to create a shopping campaign from your existing AdWords product feed.

Product Ads created through shopping campaigns include images and promotional text which you write and control, helping you to attract customers.

Is Bing Shopping right for your business?

Because Bing Shopping doesn’t group products together, it doesn’t involve price comparison with other products. This will be beneficial to some businesses, but less useful for others.

While Google Shopping has a much larger share of search traffic, Bing Shopping works particularly well for some products, such as own brand or proprietary products.