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Can Search Engine Optimisation techniques be used on any website?

SEO techniques can be used on almost any website to raise search engine rankings and generate additional quality traffic. One exception, however, is when websites deliberately deny search engine spiders access to their content. An example of this would be a password-protected website, requiring users to log on before accessing content. In this case, blocking search engine spiders is entirely appropriate, as the owner of the access-restricted site would not want their content showing up in the search engine results.

In some cases, though, websites which require strong search engine performance are inadvertently blocking spiders from accessing their pages. This is usually due to either the use of inappropriate website technologies or poor web development techniques. This is when SEO is most useful, because optimisation techniques aim to make websites spider-friendly by removing obstacles to their performance. Common obstacles include frames, Javascript navigation, explicit session I.D.s, erroneous robot text files and robot meta tags. Effective SEO will then apply techniques that make the site easier to index, such as introducing site maps, reserve navigation, alt and meta tags, CSS based layout and externally referenced Javascript files. This on-page optimisation, complemented by keyphrase targeting and SEO copywriting, combines with a comprehensive link development strategy to build towards future success.

On the other hand, SEO techniques may only work for a website if applied with skill and insight. For example, optimising a website for a business in a competitive marketplace can be expensive if you are targeting broad keywords. Achieving first-page rankings for a term like ‘web design’ would cost in excess of £100,000 and would likely take many years. In these cases, it is important to consider your projected return on investment (ROI) and decide whether this type of SEO is cost effective for your business. Optillion always targets keywords which are relevant, specific and have a favourable traffic to competitiveness ratio. This enables them to implement cost effective SEO campaigns for businesses in the most competitive of marketplaces.

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