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Optillion offers two stand-alone website testing services for companies who are considering, or who have already undertaken, in-house or third party web development projects. You may be aware that there is something ‘not quite right’ with your website, but lack the necessary skills to identify and rectify the problem. Using an independent expert to test the website and recommend remedial measures is an effective way of resolving non-specific website problems.

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing is the process of determining whether a newly developed website functions correctly and is built in accordance with the agreed specification. Web development projects will often include acceptance testing in the project programme. Some of the payment for the website may be withheld until after it has passed acceptance tests.

Acceptance testing should be carried out by either you or an independent consultant appointed to act on your behalf, since you are really testing whether the web developer has constructed the website according to the agreed specification. Many clients find that the website produced by a developer is not quite what they were expecting, either in terms of design, content or functionality. The fault may lie with the website designer, but it may equally well lie with the person commissioning the website.

Optillion’s acceptance testing service offers a means of arbitration between the two parties, ensuring that you receive the website that meets your requirements and expectations.

Usability testing

Usability testing is a diagnostic procedure used to investigate poorly performing websites. There are many signs that a website is performing poorly, including short average visit times, poor site penetration or low conversion rates. Too often there is not an obvious cause.

Optillion’s usability testing service assesses the appearance, accessibility, functionality and content of a website from the perspective of users within a website’s target audience group. Using the site under controlled conditions, subjects in your target audience are observed undertaking a series of predefined tasks. Interviews with the users take place and the website’s usability is discussed in detail. Data gathered during the observation and interview phases of the testing is then analysed to pinpoint common website problems which have been identified by the sample test users.

The website’s coding will also be examined to investigate any technical problems highlighted during the test. Remedial action will then be taken. Some problems identified will be of a functional nature, requiring further testing and investigation. Software will be used to analyse entry points, site paths, exit points and time spent viewing individual pages.

The greatest benefit of Optillion’s usability testing service, however, comes from the subjective insights provided by test users. Problems, such as whether a website imparts trust, speaks in a language the user finds appropriate and is organised in a logical manner, can only be resolved by usability testing, using real users to test and comment on a website.

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