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Website development is the process of creating new websites, or rejuvenating existing ones. Web development is a broad discipline. Regardless of a website’s size, complexity or the technology used to build it, the web development process will involve three distinct elements: website design, coding and content generation.

Website design

The role of a web designer is to create the website's 'look' and ensure that its appearance is both distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Effective website design relies on a clear understanding of the principles of visual design and most web designers have graphic design training and/or experience. In many cases the designer will sketch ideas on paper, or create the designs use a graphics package, usually Photoshop. A web designer requires knowledge of the limitations imposed by current website technologies, but it is the role of a website coder to implement the design and realise the designer’s vision.

Website coding

The website coding process converts the design ideas into a fully functional website. A website coder has to make important decisions about the most appropriate technologies and techniques to use during the website development process. The functionality required from the website will usually determine whether a static site or a dynamic, database driven site is developed. Even for a simple brochure site, there are numerous ways in which the design could be realised such as flash, layers, tables or CSS. Each of these has different implications for the website’s usability, accessibility and performance.

Content generation

The process of content generation, also known as website copywriting, is perhaps the most neglected area of website development. Effective website copy is quite different from that required for a paper publication. Messages need to clear and concise with shorter sentences and paragraphs and pages clearly differentiated and product-focused. The text of a website should be written by a website copywriting expert, capable of balancing the ‘selling’ and SEO requirements of the site’s content. All too often, copy and product images are lifted from an existing brochure, thereby missing a major opportunity to enhance a website’s performance.

Website development

A comprehensive web development package should provide not only these three core elements i.e. website design, coding and copywriting, but also offer the associated services such as domain name selection and registration, hosting, accessibility and usability testing. All of these may be required as the site progresses from embryonic ideas to a fully operational website. If you find a web developer who provides all these and, furthermore, communicates in a language you can understand, there is one final question that you must ask yourself, “Will the website I commission be SEO compliant?”


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