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Why is developing inbound links so important for Search Engine Optimisation?

Developing a website’s link relationships is a major element of SEO practice. In order to achieve high search engine rankings for competitive search terms, a website requires a good number of quality inbound links with appropriate link text. The ‘link text’ refers to either the anchor text of a text link or the ‘alt’ text of a graphic used as a link anchor, and is the most important aspect of the link. ‘Quantity of links’ means the number of inbound links capable of being indexed by a search engine spider. ‘Quality of links’ is a more difficult concept to define, although the major search engines attach greater weight to links from authority sites with a high quality score and sites with related content. Conversely, they devalue site-wide links, non-contextual links and links from sites hosted on the same Class C IP block.

Typical strategies for building inbound links include:

A link development programme requires intensive management in order to maximise the ranking benefit of the inbound links. Selecting appropriate and varied anchor text, identifying suitable directories and link partners, writing directory descriptions and negotiating link exchanges are complex tasks best undertaken by a skilled SEO practitioner. Once a link is established, it needs to be validated to ensure that it has been correctly implemented and that it can be indexed by a search engine spider. Ongoing monitoring ensures that established links have not been altered, moved or removed and that the site remains a suitable link partner.

Optillion’s link building campaigns generate the sufficient number of quality inbound links for effective optimisation, together with valuable additional website traffic from direct referrals. Our link development expertise also helps prevent the risk of the client’s website receiving a search engine penalty or ban as a consequence of linking into bad neighbourhoods, web rings or link farms.

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