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Core Values Based On Experience

Having been involved in website development, optimisation and promotion since the late 1990s, Optillion’s directors, Gavin Walker and Paul Bibby, have expertise across the key Internet Marketing disciplines of SEO, SEM and social media advertising. Our work is supported by a team which includes a copywriter, a copy editor and a link building specialist.

Everything we do at Optillion is governed by core values which underpin our relationship with our clients and inform our Internet Marketing practice:

Think beyond the web

At Optillion, we believe that successful Internet Marketing campaigns are built on the foundations of sound business practice. Having lived through two Internet bubbles, it’s abundantly clear that simply delivering goods or services online doesn’t guarantee a viable, let alone a successful business. Optillion’s personnel have years of ‘real world’ business experience across the public, private and third sector, enabling us to deliver specialist Internet Marketing services which are informed by a broader business context.

Size matters, but

The majority of Internet Marketing companies impose minimum fee billing of tens of thousands of pounds a year, justifying their exorbitant fees by recommending a range of Internet Marketing services that the client neither needs nor wants. Optillion quotes for all Internet Marketing campaigns on an individual basis and only proposes services that will directly benefit the client’s business.  We appreciate that for many start-up and small businesses, it makes sense to begin with a modest Internet Marketing budget and to increase the scope of the campaign as sales and profits grow.

Don’t set unreasonable expectations

Many Internet Marketing companies promise the stars and suffer high client churn rates when their performance fails to match their promises. At Optillion, our aim is to establish a long term working relationship with our clients, which means that we are always realistic about the potential performance of an Internet Marketing campaign and the timescale over which results can be achieved.

Avoid conflicts of interest

In order to avoid conflicts of interest between clients, Optillion will not take on a potential client if it offers similar or the same goods or services in the same geographic areas, or will be competing for the same key phrases, as an existing client. Occasionally we have situations where a potential client operates in the same sector, but is not in direct competition with an existing client. In such cases, we would make both existing and potential client aware of the potential conflict of interest and only proceed if both parties gave their consent.

Never outsource

For the overwhelming majority of clients, every aspect of an Internet Marketing campaign is undertaken in-house by Optillion’s own staff. To cater for campaigns which require skills which fall outside the scope of our own staff, we have established partnerships with leading specialists in fields such as web development, graphic design, PR and branding. While we’re confident that our partners will deliver work of the highest standard efficiently and economically, clients may of course use their own preferred suppliers if they so choose.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider Optillion for your Internet Marketing project.

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Registered Office
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Nottingham NG11 6HA
United Kingdom (UK)

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